9th Manipur Polo International @Imphal Polo Ground

Published on: November 23, 2015

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Photo Credits ©Manipur Association

From November 22nd to 29th, the 9th Manipur Polo International will take place at the Imphal Polo Gound, the oldest living Pologround in the world!
A total of 6 teams will participate to this great tournament, including teams coming from Australia, USA, England, India, Thailand!

Photo Credits ©Manipur Association

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  1. […] Image SourceImphal Polo Ground has as old a history as that of Manipur. Polo game originated from the local Manipur game of Sagol Kangei. This polo ground is rectangular and is present in the center of the Imphal city. This imposing game has always been an essential part of the Manipur ethos. British loved it so much that they took it to the global level. […]