91st FIP Ambassador’s Cup

Published on: October 17, 2016

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Roma Polo Club

From 8-10 September the 91st FIP Ambassador’s Cup was held on the beautiful premises of the Roma Polo Club in the eternal city. Four teams participated in the tournament: La Castelluccia, La Caballerizza, Mox Experience PT and La Ginevra PT.

D. Junqueira and J. Sampaio from Brazil, and C. Braun, J. Ardeco and E. Cernadas from Argentina were the five Ambassador polo players hosted for the special event, who played in the team with the Italian players: Pulli Grillini, Stefano Giansanti and Francesco Scardaccione.

The La Ginevra squad was well-captained by Daniel Garcia and rode out victorious by 9-4. The winning line up was completed by Tony Matella Luca Dorazio and the young Giordano Magini, a 17-year-old very talented polo player showing more than a great promise for Italian polo.

The gallant runners-up, the Mox Experience PT, were put together by veteran polo players like Therence Cusmano and Stefano Ottaviani.

Since FIP created the Ambassador Cup Tournament thanks to the great job of Daniel Garcia. The Roma Polo Club is the club that hosted the largest number of editions in the last few years and the expectations were met again this year.

Special social events characterized the 91st FIP Ambassador’s Cup: two amazing dinners, one organised by the captains of the teams Puccio Natale and Stefano Giansanti and the other by the president of Roma Polo Club, Cataldo D’Andria.

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