Published on: December 1, 2014

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For the purpose of illustrating this exercise, I will use as an example a group of six people. They should form up in a horizontal line, with the appointed playmaker positioned in one of the middle spots. If numbered from the left, No. 6 will be on the far right and No. 3 or No. 4 can be the playmaker, who is responsible for setting the speed and the direction for the figure of eight, to which the rest must conform.

Once formed up, the group canter down the middle of the polo field and, on arrival at the centre of the field, commence a figure of eight, which takes them close to the goals at both ends and finishes at the centre field.
This begins with the playmaker bringing the line towards the corner flag, to the left of the goal in front of them, until reaching the sixty-yard line. Then, the line of six starts to wheel to the right, to go past that goal, at right angles to the back line, before continuing the fastest and, on the inside, No. 6 must go slowest. The remainder have to adjust precisely, to remain in the horizontal line.
Then, after crossing the centre field, the playmaker heads for the corner flag to the right of the other goal, until reaching the sixty-yard line. A wheel to the left then commences, in order to pass the other goal at the right angles and return to halt at the centre field, applying strong legs. For this part of the exercise, No. 6, on the outside, moves fastest No.1, on the inside, moves slowest.

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