How to take care of your pony’s back?

Published on: December 4, 2014

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During matches and trainings, the polo pony’s back is particularly solicited. It is absolutely necessary to daily take care of it in order to prevent troubles which can never heal.

Potential signs of back troubles:

– A horse that bites during you girth the saddle.
– A horse that gimps but is not especially in pain because of legs troubles: it also can have back troubles.
– A horse arching
– A horse with reduced physical abilities, that refuses some kind of gaits, that does not change of gallop’s feet, that behaves abnormally
– A horse that has an unusual position of the neck and the head

Cares and preventions of back troubles:

-On the surface. You always have to be aware of not letting folds or impurities, which might cause a wound at the level of the saddle. Thus, use cleans carpets every time that you ride your polo pony, and wash regularly the girth that you use. On the contrary, harms can appear. It is can be visible (wounds, white beards) but also invisible!

-Physical Activity. Make always walk your horse after training! After a polo tournament, the horse must walk 1 hour at least and in the same way the following day.
In addition, a polo pony needs a daily physical preparation 4 times a week.
Strengthen a horse: in training it gradually. This work must prefer speeds that do not harm its back such as the footstep and the gallop. Following this idea, it is better to start your training by walking for a long time then gallop. But do not heat up your horses’s muscles by trotting.
The rest season is absolutely necessary for the polo pony. Do not let them without training and regularly make them practice in order to not loose their physical condition.

-You should adapt the saddle to your horse. Choose a bushy saddle pad of good quality (Go to visit our store website : Spirit of Polo).
-You should always call the veterinary if any doubt, he may give medecines, he might do an injection and/or a mesotherapy for your horse and he might do a complete diagnosis. Today you have many other techniques that can help you to understand and cure you polo pony back : osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapist, etc.

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