How to cure cramps after an intense effort?

Published on: December 8, 2014

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Horses can easily suffer from muscle sores or cramps after an intensive game or training. How to deal with those problems after exertion? Here’s the answer.

After exertion, it is important to give water with minerals that will lead to a faster re-hydration for the horse. After that, grant your horse with a good shower (not too cold!) on the gristles that will help the relaxation of both muscles and gristles. After the shower, it is recommended to put some standing wraps with a layer of clay or cooling gel under it, that will nourish durably and in depth the gristles. On the next day, the muscles need to be used in a lighter way, a good trotting session of 45min to 1h to clean the muscles and to eliminate toxins. Those exercises aim at relaxing the horse and it muscles as well as working calmly on it flexibility.

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