Polo horses at the 125th “La Rural” exposition in Palermo, Buenos Aires

Published on: December 1, 2014

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During those two weeks, this exposition, that is organized each year by the Argentinian rural society, has attracted more than 760 000 people, who were looking forward to admiring or buying the various animals gathered in the different pavilions. Thus, 160 animals, namely cows and polo horses, were sold during those 14 days. It is regarded as a record for this event.
An auction sale dedicated to polo horses and presented by Sebastian Bullrich and Marcos Heguy, one of the best professional players in the world, took place yesterday. On the central sand field, many horses were respectively presented and described according to their physical and psychological features. The spectators and buyers have seen very well trained horses showing their agility, whether it was a slender and fast horse or an impressive mare supposed to have a performing offspring. The most expensive polo horse was sent for 25 000 dollars. This horse was a Guillermo Fornieres’s mare, bought by the El Sereno company.
This 125th exposition will stay engraved as a great success, when it comes to the quality of the animals gathered or to the high number of sellings. Elsa T.

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