• Horse facial expressions

    Horses use facial expressions to communicate. Their moods can be easily identified thanks to their nostrils, their eyes and their ears. Ears are the part which particulary expresses well the horse’s mood: – turned to

    December 1, 2014 • DID YOU KNOW? • Views: 11724

  • Meet the Polo Pony

    The polo pony is one of the most important factors in Polo – most players admit that their horse is responsible for 70%-80% of their game. The quality of a pony can have great effect on the issue of a game.

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  • Which horse is considered the most majestic of all?

    Did you know that arabian horses are considered the most majestic of all? They have a skeletal structure that is quite different from all other horses. Its ribs are much wider, stronger and deeper. Arabian horses are also known

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