Horse facial expressions

Published on: December 1, 2014

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Horses use facial expressions to communicate. Their moods can be easily identified thanks to their nostrils, their eyes and their ears.

Ears are the part which particulary expresses well the horse’s mood:
– turned to the back: it is listening what is happening behind him.
– pointing forward with its head up: it is curious.
– turned slightly backwards: it is bored.
– flatten back: it is threatening.

Here are the corporal signals which represent the 4 main moods:
– Be alert when: the horse has its head up, its eyes are opened and its ears are pointing forward.
– The fear: a horse is easily afraid. So it tilts its head back, its eyes wide opened and the white of the eye is particularly visible.
– Threatening behaviour: its head is a little up and it shows its teeth. It can also flatten its ears to the back and have a strong breathing, that we can see thanks to its nostrils.
– Relaxed: the horse isstanding normally. Its movements are soft and tender.

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