Changing positions with another team member is the most effective way of surprising your opponents, especially if you are playmaking to initiate the next play. Not only can you evade your normal marker, but you will also confuse

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  • 30) ADJUST

    This is a continual process, which can only be done correctly by first looking. Four players on a full-size polo field are operating on the equivalent length of three football pitches and often an enormous amount of adjustment is

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    What is the correct distance between players ? The answer depends on the standard of polo. A perfect team when anticipating a pass from their N°4, should adjust positions so that : – a short strike will reach N°3 –

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  • Why are there no left-handed players?

    Polo is the only game where it is impossible to use your left hand. The United States Polo Association rulebook states, “All players shall play the mallet with their right hand.” The reason is the panic created in a

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