The importance of a good pelvis rotation

Published on: August 30, 2018

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One of the most common problems many players are faced with, be they beginners or more advanced players, occurs during the development of the strike and when their weight is on the stirrups. Ideally, the player’s pelvis should be versatile, and it should move with the shoulders. If this does not happen, then the striking movement is not complete and it will be harder to achieve the desired distance in a shot.

Instinctively, the player does not feel as if they generate energy and elasticity simultaneously, but just that they are trying to hit the ball instead of doing a full swing with the necessary pendulum and body follow through. When taking the stick high into the air, from behind and above the head, total rotation of the pelvis is favoured.

This movement comes into play during the backswing phase, once the weight is on the stirrups, twisting the hips clockwise, flexing the left hip and extending the right. At the same time, the left shoulder moves towards the right of the groin.

After contact with the ball is made, hips and shoulders move anticlockwise, reaching a position that opposes the player’s starting form. This is called the followthrough.

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