The secret of making Spirit of Polo mallets

Published on: December 3, 2014

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For the Logi’s, learning how to make mallets is a family tradition.

In 1944, Lopez and Gimenez brothers’ began to work at Lacey and Son-one of the greatest Argentine manufacturer at that time. Besides the Polo fields of the famous Hurlingham Club (Buenos Aires province) is named Luis Lacey. In 1978 they decided to create their own mallet workshop. The son Marcelo took back the workshop and it will be soon the grandchildren’s turn.

Marcelo buys directly the cane in Indonesia so as to make the mallets. The choice of the cane is determined by its flexibility.

When you arrive in the workshop, the cane is going to be cut according to what you want and after that the cane will be put in the fire in order to be soften and straightened up. Then it goes in the oven to removed the moisture from the wood.

The cane is sanded to remove the envelope on the handle. A stick of wood is glued along the handle. Its size also varies according to the customer request and gives a better grip of the mallet.

Fabric surrounds the handle before being covered by a grip, which provides adhesion. Eventually a wrist-strap is added.

Cigars made of ticka, an Argentinian wood, are glued on the other end of the cane. Both sides of the cigar are painted in a different color depending on whether the mallet is light (orange), normal (white) or heavy (black). The weight of the maillet depends on the weight of the cigar.

The size of the mallet is painted in black on the stick.

You can purchase those mallets on

Here are the pictures of our visit here :

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