• La HPA anunció las modificaciones de hándicap

    La HPA dio a conocer las modificaciones de hándicaps, luego de lo que fue una intensa temporada inglesa, que tuvo, entre otros grandes campeones, a La Indiana (Queen’s Cup) y a El Remanso (Gold Cup) como vencedores de los dos

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    The significance of the handicap factor in polo, is that the less skilful need courage to go into the field with brilliant players. Hence they desperately require help from a playmaker, while selfish play by others will totally

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  • The sexual diversity

    Since both sexes are rated on the same handicap scale, men and women can play together. Sixty-odd years ago, the U. S. Women’s Polo Association had a 10-goal woman player.

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  • What is the Handicap in Polo?

    The business of the Handicap Committee shall be conducted in accordance with the following Regulations, or such amendments thereto as the Members may by simple majority from time to time decide. Club Handicap Committees Each

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