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    Los días 24 y 25 de julio se disputará la importante copa de menores Quico Zubia, auspiciada por el Thai Polo Club, en el Trenque Lauquen Polo Club. Será la XIII versión de este fantástico torneo, que en 2017 reunió a 70

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  • Manipur, Craddle of the Modern Game

    At the first glance, the notion of Manipur hosting an international low-goal polo tournament with teams mounted on diminutive Manipuri ponies is implausible. Manipur ? For centuries a sovereign kingdown, Manipur, in the

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  • Oldest Polo Club

    The oldest polo club in the world is located in Calcutta, India and has celebrated its 150th birthday with pomp and circumstance last december.

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  • Malta Polo Club, the European oldest club!

    Polo was first introduced in Malta in 1868 by the British Army Officers, who stationed in Malta on their way to or coming back from India. The Cavalry regiments together with the officers of the Mediterranean fleet of the Royal

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  • 1908, inauguration of Polo Club de Cannes-Mandelieu

    A great Polo Club has existed in Cannes in time. The year 1908 celebrates the official opening of the club in style. It was then called the Polo Club of the Riviera. Many curious and passionate came to the inauguration of the

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