Team Engel & Völkers Wins the German High Goal Championship at the Berlin Maifeld

Published on: August 31, 2018

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Berlin – Extremely fast and technically high-class – in a spectacular final at Berlin‘s Maifeld, Team ENGEL&VÖLKERS won the German High Goal Polo Championship yesterday with a close 4:3 in the last seconds of the match against the favourite Team ELTEC.

Around 10,000 spectators cheered on their teams on the two final days against the historic backdrop of the Berlin Olympic Stadium. Here, where Polo was last played as an Olympic discipline in 1936, the audience was thrilled by exciting and fair games. Berlin‘s Maifeld is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and best-known polo destinations in the whole of Europe.

Hamburg‘s Caesar and Caspar Crasemann with their father Daniel and the Argentine Juani Gonzales have fought their way back to the top of the championship with their team sponsor ENGEL&VÖLKERS. The „family team“ has been successful on the Maifeld several times in recent years. Both Crasemann sons are also part of the German Polo National Team, which will participate in the European Polo Championship in Italy at the end of September. The 12-year-old mare „Mandrina“ by Caesar Crasemann was awarded Best Playing Pony of the tournament.

Team ELTEC with the outstanding Gáston Maíquez, whose horses were among the best and fastest of the tournament, together with the Austrian Renate Seidler and the two Argentinians Thomas Luchessa and Ignacio Brunetti had been considered the favourite of the championship after the preliminary rounds at the Prussian Polo & Country Club in Phöben. Rarely have you seen such skill and speed in German Polo as Maíquez did during the Maifeld-Chukker.

Tournament organizer Moritz Gädeke and his Berlin club colleague Nico Wollenberg (who was awarded as Most Valuable Player) as well as Heinrich Dumrath and Manuel Elizalde with his team CAERFACTORY finished third in the German Championship after an exciting match. With a 7:5 final score against RILLER & SCHNAUCK and team captain Dr. Ingo von Morgenstern from the Tagmersheim Polo Club, the team finally had the lead after a close match.

In the best weather the guests watched the games in an elegant sporty setting and with excellent catering. Organizer Sylvia Gädeke, President of the Preussische Polo & Country Club Berlin-Brandenburg: „We would like to thank all partners, sponsors and helpers for their great support, this edition of the E&V Maifeld Polo Cup was sensational and we have already decided to continue in 2019“.

Ranking E&V Berlin Maifeld Polo Cup 2018 – German Polo High Goal Championship 2018

1. Caesar Crasemann, DE (+3)
2. Caspar Crasemann, DE (+3)
3. Juani Gonzales, ARG (+5)
4. Daniel Crasemann, TC, DE (+1)

2. TEAM ELTEC (+12)
1. Renate Seidler, TC, AUT (0)
2. Thomas Luchessa, ARG/CH (+2)
3. Ignacio Brunetti, ITA/ARG (+3)
4. Gastón Maiquez, ARG (+7)

1. Nico Wollenberg, TC, DE (+1)
2. Moritz Gädeke, DE (+3)
3. Manuel Elizalde, ARG (+5)
4. Heinrich Dumrath, DE (+3)

1. Segundo Copello, ITA (+2)
2. Santiago Marambio, ESP (+6)
3. Francisco Rattagan, ARG (+3)
4. Dr. Ingo von Morgenstern, TC, DE (0)

1. Dr. Piero Dillier, TC, CH (0)
2. Andreas R. Bihrer, CH (0)
3. Lucas Labat, ARG (+6)
4. Bautista Baguyar ARG (+6)

1. Christian Ascan Jarck, DE (0)
2. Sven Schneider, DE (+2)
3. Adrian Laplacette, ARG (+6)
4. Thomas Winter, TC, DE (+4)

7. TEAM REUER (+12)
1. Ivan Weiss, SLK (0)
2. Clarissa Marggraf, TC, DE (0)
3. Horacio Fernandez Llorente, ARG (+6)
4. Juan Zubiaurre, ARG (+6)

1. Wolfram Trudo-Knöfel, DE (0)
2. Eduardo Anca, ARG (+5)
3. Patrick Maleitzke, TC, DE (+3)
4. Christopher Winter, DE (+2)

Photo: Norbert Steffen, award ceremony with the winners ENGEL&VÖLKERS

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