The new members of the FIP council

Published on: December 11, 2014

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FIP General Assembly has elected Mr. Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers as the new President. The following Officers and Council Members have been confirmed and Committee announcements will follow as further appointments are added to the new administration.

Founder: Marcos Uranga
Past Presidents:
Glen Holden
Eduardo Huergo
Richard Caleel
James Ashton
Patrick Guerrand-Hermes

President: Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers England
Vice President Francisco Dorignac Argentina
Vice President Charles Weaver USA
Vice President John Wright England
Honorary Vice President Pan Su Tong Hong Kong
Treasurer Alberto Marina Argentina
Secretary Sylvio Coutinho Brazil
CEO Alejandro Taylor Argentina

Council Member – 2016 Francisco Lavalle Cobo Argentina
Council Member – 2016 Patrick Nesbitt USA
Council Member – 2016 Bruce Colley USA
Council Member – 2016 John Tinsley England
Council Member – 2016 Roderick Vere Nicoll England
Council Member – 2015 Lionel Soffia Chile
Council Member – 2015 Francois Berger Guatemala
Council Member – 2016 Piero Dillier Switzerland
Council Member – 2016 Derek Wolstenholme Canada
Council Member – 2016 Jose Klabin Brazil
Council Member – 2016 Robert Kofler Austria
Council Member – 2016 Adrian Laplacette Argentina
Member Piero Dillier Switzerland
Member John Wright England
Member Richard Caleel USA
Member Francois Berger Guatemala
Member Alberto Marina Argentina

Photo credits: Carlos Weigang

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