USPA Nespresso America Cup @Santa Barbara Polo Club

Published on: July 28, 2015

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Photo Credits ©David Laminska Polographics

A great sunday afternoon of competitive polo took place at the Santa Barbara Polo Club for the USPA Nespresso America Cup on July 26th! The final was won by the Farmers & Merchants team and followed by a wine tasting, a great lunch at the Polo Grille and many Nespresso beverages! “Gypsy Girl”, owned and played by Azzaro was the Best Playing Pony during this game!


Farmers & Merchants VS. Klenter Ranch Team: 12 – 9

Progression: 3-2/4-3/6-4/8-4/10-6/12-9


Farmers & Merchants
-Geronimo Obregon
-Lucas Criado
-Dan Walker
-Remy Muller

Klenter Ranch Team
-Mike Azzaro
-Steve Krueger
-Jesse Bray
-Justin Klentner

Photo Credits ©David Laminska Polographics

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