10 tips for keeping your horse happy

Published on: December 8, 2014

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Eats well, easy to catch, looks pleased to see you, enjoys his work and offers no resistance…Discover 10 tips for keeping your horse happy :

-Tips 1 : Feed your horse a little but often
In the wild horses graze all day, so small amount at regular intervals is best

-Tips 2 : Feed them on time
Horses are creatures of habit and they like routine

-Tips 3 : Always feed them with lots of fibre
They love to chew up, in the wild, they chew up to 15,000 times a day. It can stop by bad behaviours brought on by stress or boredom

-Tips 4 : Groom your horse regularly
Keep coat parasite free and glossy

-Tips 5 : Make your horse feel safe and secure in his box
Make sure well ventilated and free of draughts
-Tips 6 : Turn him out
Horses are gregarious and love being with other horses
Turning him out allows him to enjoy the companionship

-Tips 7 : Exercise him on a daily basis
Vary work so he does not get bored (jumping, discover new places…)

-Tips 8 : Play time
Do not always ride your horse but spend some time with him, thus it will be more willing to be caught and you will be not only associate with work

-Tips 9 : Quiet time and hygiene
Make sure your horse has plenty of rest, check a clean hooves on a daily basis, shoes and tack must be comfortable

-Tips 10 : Give him lots of scratches and rubs
Let him know he is loved!

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