Doma india, from the pampa

Published on: December 1, 2014

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Discover here the Doma India Poloconsutl’s gallery during the 2013 Remate de Domadores :

Doma india is a gentle technique of training from the Argentine Pampa Indian inheritage, where the relationship between a man and his horse looks sacred. Mutual trust is that strong that they become together as one.

This practice is similar to the today ethology. No artificial support is used; the horse answers to the legs action, to a sound or a whistle. This is a relation of trust that put forward the serenity and avoid fear and pain situations. The advantage of this method is the possibility to realize the impact of our actions on the horse. Indeed, his reactions depend entirely on our behavior.

The Doma India is a technique that requires time, patience, but mainly a deep knowledge of the horse to move forward step by step.

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