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Published on: July 7, 2015

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Photo Credits ©Polo Club Luxembourg

4 teams with handicaps from -2 to 2 played in six polo matches from July 3rd to 5th, to win the Luxembourg Polo International Cup 2015! This great week end of polo was full of various entertainments as an Argentine Party with “Asado”, or a fabulous Fashion show, and a tombola in favor of a charity project.


Capital At WWork (-2)
-Colm Smith (-2)
-Max Mailliet (-1)
-Heiner Hartwich (-2)
-Joaquín Copello (3)

Mansfeld (2)
-Serge Libens (-2)
-Dominique Buck (-1)
-Gustavo Abel Cappellari (4)
-Luis Andrès Sepulveda (1)

Ole Lynggart by Kass-Jentgen (1)
-Clothilde Ludorf (-1)
-Alexander Ludorf (-1)
-Constant Jacquot (1)
-Daniel Hauss (2)

Traiteur Loriers (-1)
-Andre Hiebeler/Victor Louzada (-2)
-Julia Hiebeler (-1)
Tom Angel (-1)
Juan Aguero (3)

Photo Credits ©Elestribo del Gaucho

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